Our Company

We're bringing textbooks to life.

Our Mission

To provide private and parochial schools with comprehensive solution for educational resources and services with our cutting edge technology and user-friendly experience. At TextbookHub, schools are not just customers, they are Family.

Our Vision

Deliver a customized digital resource hub to private and parochial schools.


At TextbookHub you are not just a customer, you are FAMILY.

Our Team


Javier Jurado

Javier Jurado

C.O.O. and Head of Sales

Javier Jurado is an accomplished, successful sales executive with ten years of focused K-12 industry expertise. He is the COO and Head of Sales for TextbookHub, and leads in all aspects of the Customer Service experience and sales organization.


Emily Weissmueller

Sales Manager, West

Originally from Maryland, Emily is the product of a private school education and has been in the Phoenix area since 2014. As a former teacher with educational sales experience, she is TextbookHub’s Sales Manager for the western half of the US.

Email: emily.weissmueller@textbookhub.com
Phone: 480-366-6008


Simon Collinson

Publisher Business Development Manager

Simon is an Australian publishing professional with experience in ebook development, typesetting, analytics, and metadata. An ex-lawyer, co-founder of Tilted Axis Press, and recent lecturer in digital publishing at Ryerson University, he brings a deep understanding of publishing challenges and opportunities in today’s environment.

Email: simon.collinson@textbookhub.com
Phone: 480-366-6011


Natalia Walchli

Customer Success Manager

Natalia Walchli is a career educator specializing in independent schools. Natalia has deep experience in curriculum review, resource selection, and curriculum implementation.

Email: natalia.walchli@textbookhub.com

Tess Alexander

Tess Alexander

Account Manager

Tess is an AZ native, who loves reading, traveling, and history. She is a recent graduate from ASU's Mary-Lou Fulton teacher's college program and is now a part of TextbookHub’s team as an account manager.

Miriah Cruz

Miriah Cruz

Account Manager

Miriah is an experienced Account Manager at TextbookHub. She left her hometown in Northern Utah in 2018, and found a new home and family at this company. Miriah has multiple experiences in different fields; but found her passion in the private education industry.


Joe Rostowsky

Operations Manager

Joe Rostowsky has worked with educational IT for his entire career, including as a technical instructor and roles in Operations and Account Management.

Shahbaz Khan

Shahbaz Khan

Program Manager

Shahbaz is the Program Manager for TextbookHub and leads in managing the KPIs known for transforming business strategies into deliverables and ideas into product designs.