As a Teacher, Should I Create Social Media Content?


Being a teacher means educating, learning, growing, being creative, having fun and thinking outside of the box! Teachers wear many hats, and we’re so grateful for this! With being so versatile in the classroom, it is so easy to want to have the urge to show off all that teachers do! 


Creating a social media account as a teacher can open up a lot of doors, but still may not be something that you are committed to. Just like everything else, a teacher having a social media account has its list of pros and cons. 


Some of the biggest cons include sharing content that isn’t too personal to each student, and coming to terms with being vulnerable.


However, the pros can be endless! Social media can allow teachers’ creative brains to thrive. Teacher social media accounts can be beneficial as they: 

  • Open up new opportunities to meet other teachers
  • Create their own content
  • Grow as a teacher
  • Inspire others, and be inspired 
  • Share classroom decor 
  • Educate others
  • Professional development 
  • Provide an additional space to keep colleagues, teachers and students updated, if they choose to do so 


Whether or not you choose to have a social media account for your classroom tips and tricks is totally up to you! Don’t feel as though you’re behind if you don’t have one, it’s all about what works best for you! 


Be sure that if you do decide to create a social media account that you have parental consent if you choose to post about your students. In today’s time, the internet can be a dangerous game, so it is crucial that you have parental consent. However, if you aren’t posting about your students, there is no need to worry about that! 


If you’re ready to create your social media account, what kind of educational content are you going to share with your audience? 


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