For your online class, you can give low stakes mini-quizzes or unit tests for grades.

  1. Click “Quiz”
  2. You have an option of either making the quiz available at all time OR for a limited time.
  • If you would like to make the quiz available for a limited time only, click on the calendar to choose the “Start Date” and the “Due Date”
  • You can also select a number of attempts allowed. To do that, type in the number of attempts you would like to add to the quiz
  • You can choose a “Time Limit” your quiz will have. To do that, uncheck the “Unlimited” checkbox and set a time limit, OR make it unlimited by checking the “Unlimited” checkbox
  1. Click “Create Questions”
  2. Type in questions and select formatting such as highlighting, font size, bullet points, bold/italics/underscore.
  3. You can also attach a media file to your question:
  • To do that, click “Attachment”
  • To upload, click the ⨁ icon. The media file is now attached to the current question in your quiz
  1. Clicking “Question Type”, then select
  • Multiple Choice
  • For multiple choice, add as many answer options as you like by clicking “Add Choice”
  • Also, you have the option of allowing one correct answer or more
  • Short answer
  • True/False
  1. If you would like students to see the correct answers after they have made a selection, check the “Reveal answers after submission?” checkbox.
  2. Click “Create”. The Quiz is now accessible in your textbook.

We love our schools and our teachers and we know you are supporting students each and every day. Thank you for all you do!

Please send us your comments, corrections and creative ideas for moving to an online setting at!

Examples in this guide use the TextbookHub platform for schools. Teachers using TextbookHub at their school can access these features with any textbook from any publisher on the TextbookHub platform.


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