Writing a Book Review

  Reading is a big part of our values here at TextbookHub whether reading for pleasure, or reading for advancing knowledge. Reading is amazing for many things including: advancing vocabulary, understanding reading comprehension, increasing focus and much more! Truly understanding a book makes all of the difference in your review of it.   After completing…

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National Education & Sharing

National Education and Sharing Day

  During April, National Education and Sharing Day is celebrated. That gives us reason to celebrate here at TextbookHub. Education is the  key to being well- rounded and being given endless opportunities. Always do your best to educate somebody about something.   Education is something that we shouldn’t take for...

Women’s History Month

  Bringing Women’s History month into the classroom is so important to show the representation of women throughout history. Celebrating Women’s History month is important for both women and men to take part in.    Just as many brave men have paved the way for where we are today, so...

Read Across America

  Read Across America is such a special celebration that was introduced by the National Education Association (NEA).  Read Across America is celebrated on March 2nd annually, but the program gets celebrated all of March. However, Read Across America is technically celebrated all year long.    The Read Across America...

Setting Goals to Get Back into the New Semester

  When the calendar year changes you can expect the start of a new semester shortly. The fall semester consists of getting back in the swing of things after a long deserved summer break, but then by Thanksgiving and Christmas we are begging for time off because we’ve reached our...
TBH 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday to TextbookHub!

After walking away from working with schools in the summer of 2017, I felt like I missed my purpose in life, my mission, to help schools in the transition to a digital program AND to be a gladiator that would work on their behalf to provide this experience. With much...

How to Spend Your Holiday Break

    Everyone looks forward to their holiday break after spending hours upon hours in the classroom and working outside of the classroom. When November and December hit, it’s such a relief knowing you get some time off! By this point, you have returned from Thanksgiving break and are awaiting...
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5 Factors to Consider When Creating Your Booklist

  When working with TextBookHub as your instructional resource provider, there are a few things to discuss to ensure you receive the correct learning materials.  Once we’ve had a call to discuss your digital learning needs, we’ll need a prepared list of all of your book requests. It’s important to...
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Introducing our 2022 Advisory Board!

We are thrilled to introduce the members of our inaugural Advisory Board! We are excited to be working with representatives from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, Canterbury School of Florida, Florida Christian School, Gilbert Christian School, Gulliver Schools, iLumenEd Academy, Miami Country Day, Rumsey Hall, and Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr....
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National Special Education Day

    December 2nd is National Special Education Day! It is incredible to celebrate a day that means so much to the United States education system. Whether you know someone with special needs, are someone with special needs, or are a special education educator this national day should fill you...
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Thanksgiving Books For Kids of All Ages

    At Textbook Hub, we stand by reading! We know it helps the development of children in their young years and helps with brain maintenance as you get older! Reading is so important and can be made fun! Especially when there are holidays involved!    With Thanksgiving quickly approaching...
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Volunteer in Your Free Time

  Whenever you tell someone you’ve volunteered before, or you volunteer on a regular basis, you are looked at differently. Believe it or not, individuals really respect someone who has had the title, ‘Volunteer’. You should feel good about this!    Whether you grew up with your parents or guardians...

School Fundraising Goes From Dreadful to Enjoyable

  In most cases, fundraising goes hand in hand with going to school. The point of fundraising is to have added money that can be used for extracurriculars, fun activities or something that comes up that wasn’t considered when creating the budget for the school year.  Depending on the school,...