Welcome Back to Teaching!

It’s back to school time! Whether you are teaching remotely or welcoming students back to the classroom, this year will not be ordinary. Many schools are finding new ways to support teachers and students as they prepare for, perhaps, the strangest year in the history of education! One of the most important approaches the schools…

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Five steps to studying effectively

5 Tips to Studying Effectively

Share with your students! I can’t speak for all students, but I can say for sure that I am not studious enough to enjoy studying. Maybe that’s the same for you, and that is okay. We just need to figure out a way to trick our brains into thinking that we aren’t...
Kara Prinzo at TextbookHub

Kara Prinzo joins TextbookHub

TextbookHub is pleased to announce that Kara Afflitto Prinzo has joined the team at TextbookHub as a Senior Account Manager. Kara brings 10 years of experience in the K12 private and parochial school market, with experience at and Follett Corporation, supporting booklist adoption, publisher communications and school support, with...
What is the Future of Textbooks?

Making a shift to eTextbooks

We asked independent school educators to talk about the future of textbooks at the NAIS Conference in Philadelphia. From traveling for sports, to meeting students digital expectations, teachers shared their perspectives with us. We’re learning from educators – thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with us at TextbookHub!...
How does technology impact students

How Does Technology Impact Students?

Technology, for these teachers, is not an end in itself. Educators are thinking about technology in a variety of ways: As a way to engage students with more visual and interactive content To improve organizational skills Because technology is how students are interacting with their world Using discernment to...
How does technology affect teachers?

How Does Technology Impact Teaching?

We asked independent school educators at the NAIS Conference in Philadelphia to talk about how technology impacts teachers. We heard many ideas, including how technology can: help understanding patterns and trends efficiently support remote teaching – due to a snowstorm – and that was unthinkable just a few years...
A Month in Siena

Laura’s List of Recent Reads

Laura Sager is new to the TextbookHub team. With an MA in English and a Masters in Library Science, Laura has experience in research and marketing communications for large and small organizations – including ebooks. The list of books to read is always long. Here are a few I’ve finished...
Liz Pachter Volunteering

Staff Feature – Liz’s Story

In this month’s staff feature blog article, Liz Pachter, TextbookHub’s new Office Manager, shares with us the story of a volunteering experience that has been shaping her life. Liz started with TextbookHub in January of 2020 when she came on as the office manager. With a background in higher education...
What is the Future of Textbooks?

What Is The Future of Textbooks?

Textbooks are already reinventing themselves.” Hear from several educators as we ask them about the future of textbooks. The future of textbooks is filled with possibilities – lighter, more capacity, more environmental, reimagined. These teachers have lots of ideas! If you are an educator – a teacher or curriculum...
What does Interactive Teaching Look Like?

What Does Interactive Teaching Look Like?

The nature of teaching is by definition interactive. It’s more than just using tech, it’s the possibility that together, students, teachers and tech can be more than the sum of the parts. Thank you Educators for the classroom perspective on tech! We’re learning from educators – thanks to everyone...
Transition Online

More Ideas for a Quick Transition to Online Teaching

If you haven’t reviewed or updated your syllabus, we recommend creating a clear and detailed syllabus. Reading assignments, homework, projects and quizzes should have due dates, descriptions and grading rubrics. More detail on your syllabus is helpful when moving to online teaching. Update your class page (LMS) with the best...
Checking In

Check in on Student Progress

When teaching remotely, it’s possible for students to lack motivation, to plan their time well or to procrastinate. To ensure students are keeping up with work, we recommend that you access the assessments from your school’s TextbookHub website. We love our schools and our teachers and we know you are...
Emerging Strategies

Emerging Strategies

What kind of games could create some fun incentives in the online classroom? How can you recreate the power of Turn and Talks in on online setting? Where can you harness all the benefits of choral or group work online? One idea might be to create groups and ask them...