Setting Goals to Get Back into the New Semester

  When the calendar year changes you can expect the start of a new semester shortly. The fall semester consists of getting back in the swing of things after a long deserved summer break, but then by Thanksgiving and Christmas we are begging for time off because we’ve reached our limit.    Now that we’ve…

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Top 6 TextbookHub Staff Summer Reads

The Look of the Book: Jackers, Covers, & Art at the Edges of Literature by Peter Mendelsund – I’ll nearly always pick up a book about book covers and this one concentrated largely on the twentieth century. I appreciated hearing from designers on their process and interactions (or not) with...
Pros and Cons of Rigor and Acceleration

Approaches to Rigor

Recently we had the opportunity to present at a K-12 Conference and we hosted a roundtable on the Pros and Cons of Rigor and Acceleration.  Rigor is an important topic and always deserves attention. NAIS just shared an article on the “Dark Side of Rigor.”  It’s a great read with...

Teacher Tips: Rest, Relax, Restore

After a long year of ups and downs, summer comes at a very welcoming time. Our teachers have expanded their everyday knowledge of teaching to include online learning, zoom meetings, extra emailing, internet collaborating, etc.  Now it’s time for our teachers to rest, relax, and restore. We have put together...

TextbookHub’s new team member, Paola Herrera

Paola Herrera will be supporting customers on the East Coast as an Account Manager. After growing up attending K-12 private schools, Paola earned her Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Miami in Elementary Education and Special Education with a minor in Psychology. She also has a Master’s of Science...

Anisa Hickey joins TextbookHub

TextbookHub welcomes Account Manager Anisa Hickey to the team. Anisa will be in our new Miami offices and support customers on the East Coast. Anisa brings experience as an Account Manager from her previous work in events. “My experience carries over well into TextbookHub, as Customer Service is my passion,”...

Dr. Gemma Morales joins TextbookHub

TextbookHub is pleased to announce that Dr. Gemma Morales is joining our growing team in Miami. Gemma is a native of Miami and attended K-12 parochial schools before attending University of Southern California with a major in Linguistics and a minor in Spanish. As a research assistant, she worked with...
Fun Ways to Celebrate The Recent Grad-2

Fun Ways to Celebrate Graduations in 2021

Graduation is a time to celebrate for students and their families. This year, the restrictions may still be a bit tighter than “normal,” but there are still some great ways to celebrate the recent grad!  Graduation Celebration Ideas for 2021 Parties indoors may still not be the safest way to...
Successful Use of Summer-2

Successful Use of Summer

  Summertime is geared towards fun in the sun, rest, and relaxation. TextbookHub believes that students can keep their minds engaged all summer long. Summer reading and exploration is a great way to keep students fresh and eager for more. What can you do to help your student have an...
Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7, 2021-2

Thank You Teachers!

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated the first full week of May. After the last year and a half that our teachers have had, we know teachers deserve to be celebrated each and every day. More than ever...

AP Tests are nearly here – What can we do to help reduce stress?

  This year AP tests will be different for all of us.  No matter how many hours are spent studying a topic, reading important material or taking practice exams, stress about tests is still very real.  We are sharing some of our best tips and tricks to help ease your...

How to Use Digital Textbooks in the Classroom [2021]

Laptops and tablets have become staple school supplies, just below number two pencils and erasers. With the growth of technology in the classroom, there have also been major advancements in digital textbooks. The digital version of textbooks has allowed for a more immersive and engaging experience for both the students...

Celebrating Black History Month with Picks from Our Schools

From the big list of books our schools are teaching this year, we're sharing titles that are great for celebrating black authors during Black History Month. Browse through our list to find great picks among fiction and nonfiction titles for literature, drama, creative writing, and history classes.  1. Underground Railroad...