Teacher Tips: Rest, Relax, Restore

After a long year of ups and downs, summer comes at a very welcoming time. Our teachers have expanded their everyday knowledge of teaching to include online learning, zoom meetings, extra emailing, internet collaborating, etc.  Now it’s time for our teachers to rest, relax, and restore. We have put together some ideas to help restore…

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A Month in Siena

Laura’s List of Recent Reads

Laura Sager is new to the TextbookHub team. With an MA in English and a Masters in Library Science, Laura has experience in research and marketing communications for large and small organizations – including ebooks. The list of books to read is always long. Here are a few I’ve finished...
Liz Pachter Volunteering

Staff Feature – Liz’s Story

In this month’s staff feature blog article, Liz Pachter, TextbookHub’s new Office Manager, shares with us the story of a volunteering experience that has been shaping her life. Liz started with TextbookHub in January of 2020 when she came on as the office manager. With a background in higher education...
What is the Future of Textbooks?

What Is The Future of Textbooks?

Textbooks are already reinventing themselves.” Hear from several educators as we ask them about the future of textbooks. The future of textbooks is filled with possibilities – lighter, more capacity, more environmental, reimagined. These teachers have lots of ideas! If you are an educator – a teacher or curriculum...
What does Interactive Teaching Look Like?

What Does Interactive Teaching Look Like?

The nature of teaching is by definition interactive. It’s more than just using tech, it’s the possibility that together, students, teachers and tech can be more than the sum of the parts. Thank you Educators for the classroom perspective on tech! We’re learning from educators – thanks to everyone...
Transition Online

More Ideas for a Quick Transition to Online Teaching

If you haven’t reviewed or updated your syllabus, we recommend creating a clear and detailed syllabus. Reading assignments, homework, projects and quizzes should have due dates, descriptions and grading rubrics. More detail on your syllabus is helpful when moving to online teaching. Update your class page (LMS) with the best...
Checking In

Check in on Student Progress

To ensure students are keeping up with work, we recommend that you access the assessments from your school’s TextbookHub website. We love our schools and our teachers and we know you are supporting students each and every day. Thank you for all you do! Please send us your comments, corrections...
Emerging Strategies

Emerging Strategies

What kind of games could create some fun incentives in the online classroom? How can you recreate the power of Turn and Talks in on online setting? Where can you harness all the benefits of choral or group work online? One idea might be to create groups and ask them...


For your online class, you can give low stakes mini-quizzes or unit tests for grades. Click “Quiz” You have an option of either making the quiz available at all time OR for a limited time. If you would like to make the quiz available for a limited time only,...
Adding Video

Make it Easy On Yourself-Add External Video

Using video from other sources is a great way to introduce more content into your online or flipped class and take the burden of recording off of you every day. YouTube: Click “Embed” to add a YouTube video. Copy and paste the link of a YouTube video you would...
Transitioning to an online classroom

Transitioning to an Online Classroom

Managing a quick temporary shift to online is possible with a blend of technology, materials and your creativity. We know many of our customers, K-12 private and parochial schools, are quickly shifting to online. The team at TextbookHub has developed some tips and features to help you manage the transition...
Leaving Notes

Add a Note

You might want to add clarification or perspective on the reading – you can do that with a note embedded in your textbook. You might also consider adding notes for students as encouragement or celebration. Be creative! Select text where you want to place your note and in the...
Sharing Handouts

Handouts or Examples

If you want to share an example of a paper or if you have a handout, you can directly add a file to your textbook. Select text where you want to place your attachment and in the tool-tip menu, click “Create overlay”. Select the “Attachment” feature. Click the ⨁...