Meeting the Needs of Today’s Students

  Education is one of those things that is constantly changing and evolving. In recent years, we have been taught that student’s don’t even have to be in a brick and mortar educational institution to learn. They can do it from anywhere! Here at TextbookHub, that’s what we are all about learning digital from anywhere!…

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Javier Jurado

The #1 Answer Was Digital

Our private school customers faced hassles and devoted a lot of time to have textbooks ready on the first day of school. Access codes, scratch codes, and waits for digital – it was a lot of work for something that should be simple and streamlined. Javier Jurado, the founder...

Uncertainty for Fall School Re-openings: A Look Into One School’s Approach

Carol Vila is Director of Technology at Belen Jesuit and she has shared her perspective with TextbookHub for this article. Belen Jesuit, located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, closed the doors to their campus in mid March. They released classes, and then held 2 days of training for faculty, on using...

Stories of Giving: Volunteering with Girl Guides

Welcome Jenelle, who has been a software developer at TextbookHub since January 2020! Jenelle does full-stack development on TBH web applications, which means she takes care of maintaining software and helps fixing bugs. Jenelle's interest in volunteering is about creating supportive connections in the community, especially creating opportunities for girls...

My Hope For Students

Javier’s hope for students today is that we can lift them up and really be a part of that. In this week’s interview, Javier speaks about his hope that technology can be there to support student questions, so that the next day teachers can start a meaningful and responsive...

The Stories From Our Schools

“The schools that I’ve worked with – they are the inventors of TextbookHub.” That’s what Javier says about founding his company. “I wanted to be able to give these teachers, who take the time to put together beautiful digital content, a platform to do so.” Javier regularly meets with the...

Going Digital Can Be That Easy

When speaking to teachers, Javier Jurado, the founder of TextbookHub, often finds them question if going digital really can be that easy. He knows it can be. Javier’s mission is to ensure any school can transition to digital and use the tools to make the learning process easy. He...
Learning Beyond Texts

Learning Beyond Texts

Have you ever been in a situation where you look at your screen or surface of your book, and immediately thought, “Wow, that is a lot of words, I don’t feel like navigating through this colony of ants?” Many of us love reading for pleasure, but most of us need...
Kara Prinzo at TextbookHub

Kara Prinzo joins TextbookHub

TextbookHub is pleased to announce that Kara Afflitto Prinzo has joined the team at TextbookHub as a Senior Account Manager. Kara brings 10 years of experience in the K12 private and parochial school market, with experience at and Follett Corporation, supporting booklist adoption, publisher communications and school support, with...
What is the Future of Textbooks?

Making a shift to eTextbooks

We asked independent school educators to talk about the future of textbooks at the NAIS Conference in Philadelphia. From traveling for sports, to meeting students digital expectations, teachers shared their perspectives with us. We’re learning from educators – thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with us at TextbookHub!...
How does technology impact students

How Does Technology Impact Students?

Technology, for these teachers, is not an end in itself. Educators are thinking about technology in a variety of ways: As a way to engage students with more visual and interactive content To improve organizational skills Because technology is how students are interacting with their world Using discernment to...
How does technology affect teachers?

How Does Technology Impact Teaching?

We asked independent school educators at the NAIS Conference in Philadelphia to talk about how technology impacts teachers. We heard many ideas, including how technology can: help understanding patterns and trends efficiently support remote teaching – due to a snowstorm – and that was unthinkable just a few years...
A Month in Siena

Laura’s List of Recent Reads

Laura Sager is new to the TextbookHub team. With an MA in English and a Masters in Library Science, Laura has experience in research and marketing communications for large and small organizations – including ebooks. The list of books to read is always long. Here are a few I’ve finished...