Life Skills Every High Schooler Should Know

Curriculum isn’t the only thing that can be taught in classrooms. Teachers are provided to students to learn and be well-educated. However, being educated can go far behind what is required to be taught in the classroom.    Before students graduate high school, besides understanding things like formulas to find the slope  (y = mx…

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The Awfulizer is a shame monster who grows bigger and bigger the more ashamed you feel

Overcoming The Shame Game with Kristin Maher’s “The Awfulizer”

When I finished reading Kristin Maher’s The Awfulizer, I realized that it hasn’t always been easy for me or my friends to overcome shame. Despite all of us being grown-ups. Sometimes, it’s easy to see shame and anxiety in our lives, and sometimes it isn’t. Even for grown-ups. That’s what Kristin’s...
Image shows an example of a live quiz in context of learning material.

How is the Quiz Feature Helpful?

There is more to quizzes than a simple indicator of whether or not a student remembers certain information about certain topics. A study from Kent State University finds that quizzes actually help the learning process, as it encourages students to come up with ways to retain learned knowledge. And that...
Welcome to TextbookHub

Welcome to the TextbookHub Blog!

Welcome to the TextbookHub Blog! In the pursuit of connection to our ever-growing audience, we are delighted to launch this blog. This is an opportunity to exercise our passion for education by sharing industry news, unique perspectives, and the driving questions in education technology.We are excited to connect with our...