Managing Emotions While Being a Student

  In today’s society there is a lot of pressure, stress, anxiety and a handful of other emotions that come with being a student. Expectations from parents and teachers, the peer pressure from others and the internet can leave a child feeling overwhelmed very quickly.  At this point in the semester, students have hopefully found…

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For your online class, you can give low stakes mini-quizzes or unit tests for grades. Click “Quiz” You have an option of either making the quiz available at all time OR for a limited time. If you would like to make the quiz available for a limited time only,...
Adding Video

Make it Easy On Yourself-Add External Video

Using video from other sources is a great way to introduce more content into your online or flipped class and take the burden of recording off of you every day. YouTube: Click “Embed” to add a YouTube video. Copy and paste the link of a YouTube video you would...
Transitioning to an online classroom

Transitioning to an Online Classroom

Managing a quick temporary shift to online is possible with a blend of technology, materials and your creativity. We know many of our customers, K-12 private and parochial schools, are quickly shifting to online. The team at TextbookHub has developed some tips and features to help you manage the transition...
Leaving Notes

Add a Note

You might want to add clarification or perspective on the reading – you can do that with a note embedded in your textbook. You might also consider adding notes for students as encouragement or celebration. Be creative! Select text where you want to place your note and in the...
Sharing Handouts

Handouts or Examples

If you want to share an example of a paper or if you have a handout, you can directly add a file to your textbook. Select text where you want to place your attachment and in the tool-tip menu, click “Create overlay”. Select the “Attachment” feature. Click the ⨁...
Recording Lectures

Record Your Lecture

Use your computer to capture your lecture. You might consider what visual aids would support your lecture. After recording, Select text where you want to place your lecture video and in the tool-tip menu, click “Create overlay”. Select the “Video” feature. Click the ⨁ icon to upload a video...
Using Audio

Don’t Want Video? Try Audio

Don’t want video? Try audio. Recording an audio file can be a great way to include pronunciation for language classes, for music, or to share a reading, prayer or meditation. Select text where you want to place your audio and in the tool-tip menu, click “Create overlay”. Select the...
Video: What does it mean to learn in digital environment?

What Does It Mean to Learn in a Digital Environment?

We interviewed educators at a recent conference – and we learned a lot! We asked, “What does it mean to learn in a digital environment?” We wanted to know what’s different and why does it matter? We interviewed educators at a recent conference – and we learned a lot! We...
The Awfulizer is a shame monster who grows bigger and bigger the more ashamed you feel

Overcoming The Shame Game with Kristin Maher’s “The Awfulizer”

When I finished reading Kristin Maher’s The Awfulizer, I realized that it hasn’t always been easy for me or my friends to overcome shame. Despite all of us being grown-ups. Sometimes, it’s easy to see shame and anxiety in our lives, and sometimes it isn’t. Even for grown-ups. That’s what Kristin’s...
Image shows an example of a live quiz in context of learning material.

How is the Quiz Feature Helpful?

There is more to quizzes than a simple indicator of whether or not a student remembers certain information about certain topics. A study from Kent State University finds that quizzes actually help the learning process, as it encourages students to come up with ways to retain learned knowledge. And that...
Welcome to TextbookHub

Welcome to the TextbookHub Blog!

Welcome to the TextbookHub Blog! In the pursuit of connection to our ever-growing audience, we are delighted to launch this blog. This is an opportunity to exercise our passion for education by sharing industry news, unique perspectives, and the driving questions in education technology.We are excited to connect with our...