Celebrating Our Teachers


May 2nd through May 6th was Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s a time for teachers to be recognized for all that they do. Teachers all over the country go above and beyond all year long! Teaching isn’t always a job you can leave at your desk once the last bell of the day rings. Teachers take home a lot more than some may think. 


A lot of individuals go into the teaching profession because it’s something they are very passionate about, as we all know it takes a special person to become a teacher. 


Teachers give it their all, every single day. From singing songs with kindergarteners to possibly encountering some harder conversations with older students. From making sure every student is accounted for in the classroom, to taking their projects, worksheets and papers home to grade. 


No wonder teachers get a whole week during May to be celebrated and recognized! If you never got to show the teachers in your life some appreciation enduring Teachers Appreciation Week, you still can! Here are some ideas that could also work for an end of the year gift, or a gift ‘just because’. 


Teachers can be celebrated in a number of ways: 

  • Shoutouts over the loudspeakers.
  • A memorial plaque.
  • A personalized gift.
  • A lunch that recognizes them.
  • A hand-written card. 
  • A gift certificate. 
  • Fresh flowers.
  • A list of why they’re special. 


The possibilities are endless! You don’t have to spend money on anything, get creative. All that matters is that it’s from the heart. Spread love, and always be kind to those who teach! It is not as easy a job as some may think. 


If you are a teacher, you deserve to soak up everyone celebrating you, as well as show yourself some love! Here are a few ideas:

  • Head to the spa!
  • Take a weekend getaway!
  • Buy something new! 
  • Treat yourself to a high-end dinner! 


Thank you for all that you do! You make the world a brighter place!




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