Win a Digital Textbook Solution

Digital textbooks are being introduced in classrooms around the world, and yours could be included. TextbookHub is giving schools the opportunity to go digital and bring their textbooks to life through TextbookHub’s unique Reader. It’s time to elevate education, and TextbookHub is making that happen. 

The interactive tools in the Reader are allowing educators to bring their textbooks to life in more ways than one. Educators will be able to:

Personalize learning by writing comments to students directly on their writing assignments. This is preparing them for classroom discussion and helping them better understand the material.

Bring content to life and increase student engagement through utilizing interactive features, like adding links and videos. 

Develop executive function through the digital textbook’s ability to use bookmarks, highlights and note-taking features directly in the textbook. 

Track students learning with formative assessment tools by embedding quick quizzes throughout the textbook to assess the individual or group. 


The introduction of virtual learning in the classroom does not need to come with any setbacks. Digital textbooks are taking the classroom to a higher level through their many resources, and are expanding the eyes and brains of students every day. Schools that have utilized TextbookHub’s unique features have seen growth in both their educators and their students. This is not only beneficial for classrooms but also for setting our students up for success. 


As a TextbookHub partner, your school will have the ability to have the best publishers and top-quality textbooks in your classroom and content will be able to come to life. 

Thanks to this giveaway, independent schools across the country are being given the opportunity to incorporate digital textbooks into their students curriculum. The TextbookHub winning school will need to have a substantial need for resources, the school must have an SIS, students must have a laptop or tablet and the school must have a point of contact for TextbookHub available year-round. 

Classrooms are introducing technology now more than ever and TextbookHub is no exception. Your school will be able to enter for a chance to win digital textbooks along with the proprietary Reader on the TextbookHub website now through April 9th, 2021. 

It’s time to take your students to the next level with TextbookHub. 

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