Digital Textbook Use in US K-12 Private Schools Data Report

Digital textbooks have long been a disrupter in the publishing industry. Starting with the higher education market, escalating prices have made new print textbooks increasingly unaffordable for students. Digital textbooks have also improved rapidly – providing short-term licenses at lower cost, with access online and off, and flexibility on a wide variety of devices. Transitioning to digital has been slower, however, for K-12 schools.

Palo Alto Research Group surveyed 3,194 schools about their use of digital materials and devices in Winter 2019/20. Survey data shows that schools are increasingly providing 1:1 device access to students, and larger schools are emphasizing digital textbooks for faster access to quality materials, easier distribution and administration, and increased flexibility for teachers and students.

Download the 2020 Digital Textbook Use in US K-12 Private Schools Data Report from the Palo Alto Research Group

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