Don’t Want Video? Try Audio

Don’t want video? Try audio.

Recording an audio file can be a great way to include pronunciation for language classes, for music, or to share a reading, prayer or meditation.

  1. Select text where you want to place your audio and in the tool-tip menu, click “Create overlay”.
  2. Select the “Audio” feature.
  3. Click the ⨁ icon to upload an audio file.
  4. In the file window, navigate to the audio file you just created.
  5. After uploading the audio file, type in the title.
  6. Click “Create”. The audio is now accessible in your textbook.

Tip: Check your computer apps to find one that works well for you. QuickTime Player for Macs and Voice Recorder for PCs are common apps to record your voice and save the file.

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Examples in this guide use the TextbookHub platform for schools. Teachers using TextbookHub at their school can access these features with any textbook from any publisher on the TextbookHub platform.

Using Audio

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