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Teachers are our focus.

Flexible for in-class learning, flipped classroom or at home.

Engaging materials, online or off.

Designed for student ease-of-use and focused study.

Embed quizzes in textbooks and link automatically to your gradebook.

Curate content and structure curriculum with Overlay features like video, links, notes and more.

Assess and track student progress with analytics.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Students access all their digital content with a single sign-in.

Offline or Online. At home or on campus.

Flexibility for your schedule and theirs.

Digital Content

Reading Features



Easy navigation thanks to our search, table of contents, and bookmarks.

Draw and Remove

Draw & Highlight

Feel free to scribble away and highlight inside your book.



Have engaging discussions with fellow students and teachers.

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Interactive Textbook

Our technology turns digital textbooks into interactive learning. Teachers can curate content within the textbook by adding video, links, comments and more. Embed quizzes and increase communication with your students. Tools you need to structure your content and your course.

for your school

Share your ideas with us

We are learning from teachers! Please share your ideas for features or functionality that would help you use ebooks in the classroom.

We value your input. Thank you!