Fun Ways to Celebrate Graduations in 2021

Graduation is a time to celebrate for students and their families. This year, the restrictions may still be a bit tighter than “normal,” but there are still some great ways to celebrate the recent grad! 

Graduation Celebration Ideas for 2021

Parties indoors may still not be the safest way to celebrate, but there are still wonderful options that you can have for your graduation party. Start by taking the party outside and add these fun options:

  1. Yard signs – They have become a staple in celebrating all big milestones during the past year. Yard signs are a great way to give a big shout-out to your recent grad. Have them pose with their yard sign with their pals and post on all their social channels to show the world how excited they are to take their next steps!
  2. Balloons and other decorations- The simplest way to celebrate in a festive way. Buy your own balloons and helium tank or hire an amazing balloon artist to create an amazing display for you. If the recent grad is off to college, you can use their school colors as the theme. Either way, your grad will be impressed with the effort put in to congratulate them. 
  3. Car parades – Get all your friends and family involved, create a map, make signs, and get ready to party! Parades are the easiest way to see all the people you love in a “safe” manner during COVID-times. Want to have fun? Send out parade packages to all those that can attend. They can include confetti poppers, silly string, sign creation kits, decorations for their cars, etc. Make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration for your grad and make it BIG!!
  4. Zoom party – It is easy to facilitate and invite people near and far! Get creative with a personalized invitation and include a special recipe for a snack or beverage to celebrate your grad! Just because the party is virtual, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Get dressed up, decorate your background, and be creative! You can play games like, “how well do you know the grad?” and share your best memories of the graduate. 


Graduation Gift Ideas for 2021

  1. Jewelry – This may be geared toward the ladies, but a pretty personalized bracelet is a great way to mark graduation. 
  2. Dorm swag – A cute new lamp, photo collage, comfy chair… anything to add a personal touch to their new “home-away-from home.”
  3. College fund, Savings or Cash contributions – The next steps in life are expensive. Contributing to a college fund is a great way to get them started, but gifts of money can also be used for other expenses of getting started in life. 
  4. Suitcases – They’ve got their whole lives ahead of them, but it all starts when they graduate! Help them pack up for the adventure that awaits them by getting them some fresh suitcases to pack up and hit the road!
  5. New tech – Your grad might be turning in their laptop and devices when they leave high school, so it’s a great time to invest in new tech.
  6. School Supplies – Gift cards to the school bookstore, school-themed swag, or to house and home stores for dorm and apartment supplies.


At the end of the day, celebrating your grad is what it’s all about. Their next steps in life are important… so let’s set them off on the right foot!


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