How is the Quiz Feature Helpful?

There is more to quizzes than a simple indicator of whether or not a student remembers certain information about certain topics. A study from Kent State University finds that quizzes actually help the learning process, as it encourages students to come up with ways to retain learned knowledge. And that is exactly why the quiz feature is my best friend when it comes to studying.

As a college student working as an intern with TextbookHub, I know quizzes can sometimes be annoying, especially when it comes unexpectedly, but I’d like to think of it as a way to see where I am in my academic understanding. I remember getting quizzed on a communication course that I initially thought I understood decently. However, after getting the results back, the only thing I understood turned out to be that I didn’t understand the course very well. That pushed me to review my materials more fervently and less dismissively.

But then, courses are generally packed with materials and sub-topics, how can a few quizzes represent our academic standing? It does not have to. Textbook Hub’s quiz overlay is flexible with its embedding, meaning that it can literally be embedded anywhere throughout the entire textbook. I find this extremely useful because I am then able to track the more critical concepts and review these parts in more depth.

Image shows an example of a live quiz in context of learning material.
Quizzes also come in many forms. Depending on your teacher’s preferences, the style of the quizzes can also be accommodated as needed. A quiz can be available for a limited time, or it can be readily always available. It can be accessible once or multiple times.

Everyone has a different way to learn, and that is okay. I personally find multiple choices and short answers to be the most effective ways to making the most out of the quiz feature. Multiple choice gives me added confidence that I can eliminate the wrong answers and have a stronger sense of the correct answer. The caveat is that I might not always know why the correct answer is correct..On the other hand, short answer quizzes demand answers that are more than deducing right choices. With quiz results, I know I need more review when I can’t decide between two answers in a multiple-choice question or when I just don’t know the answer to a short-answer question.

This is why quizzes are my best study buddy, because they tell me if I actually understand what I am studying. They help me with retention and focus me on areas that I struggle with. But even more than that, quizzes are like supporters that want us students to do well when the time for exams comes.

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Aaron Theophilus Setiawan is a student studying at Simon Fraser University. Majoring in Communication and minoring in Interactive Arts, two fields that he finds to be relevant to both worldly events and his passions, Aaron made it to currently undergoing his Co-op term at TextbookHub as a content writer and a marketing assistant. Learning all he can about content writing and marketing, Aaron plans to become an expert in writing content for any subject or topic as long as there are resources to research from. When not studying or working, Aaron spends his time drawing digitally, eating alone or with friends, and appreciating nature. He is currently writing content for the TextbookHub blog. Aaron can be commonly spotted at the office, at SFU’s Burnaby campus, or at home and is contactable through his personal email

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