How to Spend Your Holiday Break



Everyone looks forward to their holiday break after spending hours upon hours in the classroom and working outside of the classroom. When November and December hit, it’s such a relief knowing you get some time off! By this point, you have returned from Thanksgiving break and are awaiting Christmas break! 


Here are some things you can do this break that can either leave you feeling relaxed and rested or productive and cheerful! Or better, you can feel all of the above!


  1. Bake Holiday Cookies: Whether it’s an old family tradition, or a new one you wish to make with some friends, baking cookies will never go out of style! Put on some Christmas Carols and head to the kitchen for the next few hours!
  2. Shopping: You may have noticed there are so many more people out and about closer to the holidays, join the crowd and buy some special gifts for your loved ones or yourself! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make a good gift, remember it’s the thought that counts. 
  3. Giving Back: For a lot of people, the holidays can be a rough time. Whether it’s not having the funds, not having family or feeling sorry for others. There are a few different reasons the holidays may not be someone’s favorite time of the year. Give back by volunteering at a shelter, buying toys for children in need, sending baked goods to our troops overseas, etc. Giving back not only allows others to feel good, but it also allows yourself to feel good. 
  4. Napping: Catch up on your rest! You deserve it! Put on a Christmas movie, make some popcorn and lay on the couch to re-energize your body! 
  5. Light Show: Maybe where you live there is a new light show that has popped up! (They’re getting sort of popular!) Grab your family or friends and head to the show for some holiday entertainment! 
  6. Deep Clean: This may not be everybody’s favorite..or maybe it is! You have some extra time, so give an area in your house a deep clean. Maybe it’s going through your closet or your bookshelves! Whatever the case, it’ll feel good to let go of some of those things!
  7. Read a Book: This can be the perfect time to cozy up with a blanket and some hot cocoa and read a new book, or reread one of your favorites. Reading is a leisure activity that can benefit your brain!


No matter how or where you are spending your holiday break, remember how fortunate you are! Spend this time with your friends and families and enjoy the true meaning of the season! 


Happy New Year!



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