KS_HeadshotTextbookHub is thrilled to announce Kristen Vila Soccoro is joining our team in Florida! Kristen has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and most recently worked for Blackbaud as a K-12 Solutions Engineer.

Kristen brings a wealth of experience listening to schools and what they want to achieve with investments in technology. She has worked with schools to implement tech and also to help them find the solutions that will work for them. She says, “I’ve worked with and presented to hundreds of schools during my time at Blackbaud, and while schools are often similar, every school is truly unique in their own way.”

“I love working with schools since it’s an industry every single person can relate to and it’s rewarding to be able to help schools achieve their goals to better the education and world for their students,” she adds.

Kristen knows education at a personal level as well – both of her parents are educators. Her dad was her high school teacher for three years!

Kristen loves to cook, read, ski, play tennis and get out on the boat with her family in Florida.

Do you need to reach Kristen? Email her at kristen.socorro@textbookub.com.

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