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Teachers and students can trial any BJU Press eWorkbooks powered by TextbookHub at no cost! Sign up by April 15th for free access to interactive eWorkbooks for the remainder of the school year.


BJU Press' eTextbooks are customizable on the Textbook Hub platform


Allowing teachers to add content


Allowing teachers to create quizzes


Allowing teachers to interact with their class.

BJU Press has partnered with TextbookHub to bring textbooks and worktexts to life. There’s no need to carry heavy books or stacks of paper around anymore. The eWorktexts platform is a game changer because assignments can be created by teachers and completed by students entirely online. This platform is designed to customize and enhance the learning experience for students and to make the teacher more effective and time efficient. Additionally, SIS and LMS integrations allow easier distribution of access to eTextbooks, allows teachers to link assignments within the LMS, AND allows grade reporting back into the system!