Life Skills Every High Schooler Should Know

Curriculum isn’t the only thing that can be taught in classrooms. Teachers are provided to students to learn and be well-educated. However, being educated can go far behind what is required to be taught in the classroom. 


Before students graduate high school, besides understanding things like formulas to find the slope  (y = mx + b),  or the difference between, “to” and “too”.  There are other skills that can be taught. 


With standardized curriculum, students may not understand when they’ll actually use the material, but they are still required to be tested on the information, so that they understand different areas of education.  Even though life skills aren’t necessarily items  students get tested on, it is still valuable information that they will take with them for many years to come. 


Here are a few things that every high schooler should know before they graduate high school. 


  • How to write a check: Even though checks aren’t a popular form of payment, it is still important to know how to write one. There may be an unexpected situation in which you have to write a check. 
  • Taxes: The first time filing for taxes can be overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the topic. It’s important to know the basics considering anyone with a job is required to file for them. 
  • Budgeting: As we know, money makes the world go round. It is crucial to understand that some things in life are necessary. Financial responsibility is real, paying your bills is a must. Learning to budget allows high schoolers to know what areas of their money should go to, and how to be responsible.
  • Change a Tire: Nobody ever hopes to get a flat tire, but every now and then it can happen. It’s so important to know how to change a tire because sometimes those unexpected situations can occur. 
  • Invest: The stock market is a way to make money, and grow as a stakeholder.  Investing lets individuals own “shares” or ownership stakes of publicly traded companies. Being involved in the stock market can set one up for future success. 
  • Write a resume: Once high schoolers graduate and apply to school or join the workforce, it’s critical to be able to write a resume in order to professionally network. 


Teaching life skills, as well as curriculum in the classroom is crucial to make a well-rounded adolescent before they graduate high school and enter the ‘real’ world. 



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