Managing Emotions While Being a Student


In today’s society there is a lot of pressure, stress, anxiety and a handful of other emotions that come with being a student. Expectations from parents and teachers, the peer pressure from others and the internet can leave a child feeling overwhelmed very quickly.  At this point in the semester, students have hopefully found a well balanced routine that helps maintain their mental health. Routines help individuals stay on track in more ways than one which can keep emotions calm. However, this isn’t to say that things don’t come by surprise. Sometimes emotions get overwhelming, so let’s talk about how students can find ways to manage their emotions. Below are five ways students can manage their emotions.


  1. Take a deep breath. Sometimes taking a deep breath is one of the fastest ways to navigate through what the human body and mind feels. Deep breathing has multiple benefits. One of those benefits being calming the mind and the nervous system. Taking a deep breath helps reset the moment, it allows for peace to overcome the situation. It helps individuals to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.
  2. Use a planner. Utilizing a planner is a great way to help keep priorities, tasks and goals straight. Sometimes when there is too much on one’s plate, they begin to stress. When stress is added to any situation,emotions can become heightened, sooner rather than later. By using a planner, it helps manage emotions ahead of time without even knowing it! It allows students to stay focused on each day, without getting overwhelmed by the whole picture.
  3. Taking time to relax. While students have the stress of a social life, academics, extra curricular, a home life, etc, it is important for them to find time in each day to solely focus on themselves without outside distractions.  If students don’t take time to relax, before they know it they can be exploding with emotions. It’s important to find joy in getting outside, reading,watching movies and much more!
  4. Find someone to relate to. Being able to talk and open up to someone about what you’re feeling is a key factor into managing your emotions. Growing up can be lonely at times, especially when children get into their own heads. It’s good for children to get out of their own heads, and converse with someone else. Talking to someone may be just what is needed to realize for some they are in similar situations. Finding someone to relate to helps give not only perspective, but a difference of opinion as well. Sometimes we all need that.
  5. Daily Check-Ins. The importance of a mental health check every day helps cope with emotions in a healthy way. Rather than letting emotions build up, releasing them everyday is the smart choice. In the morning or evening, students should recap their day to gauge what they qre feeling like. This can also set up for the next day’s tone.


Once students find healthy ways to manage their emotions, they may be more involved with their academics and extracurriculars at hand. The overall health and success of the student should be what comes first!



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