National Education and Sharing Day


During April, National Education and Sharing Day is celebrated. That gives us reason to celebrate here at TextbookHub. Education is the  key to being well- rounded and being given endless opportunities. Always do your best to educate somebody about something.


Education is something that we shouldn’t take for granted as teachers. The use of online learning materials, in class discussions and general school curriculum is so vital to molding the future of elementary, middle and high school students. However, these topics aren’t the only thing that we can educate others about!


Make a goal for the remaining time in April to educate one person around you about something they weren’t aware of. Whether it is a new topic in your curriculum, the importance of a specific book, a hobby, etc! 


We can all be educated and informed on new things at any time because there will always be a need for our knowledge. Our knowledge is power, inside or outside of the classroom. 


Things that you can share with each other:

  • Different forms of studying: Depending on our personalities, we all learn a little differently. You could share with someone how you study to see if your method could help them out. Whether this be group studying, the use of note cards, review games, etc! 
  • Ways to improve your routine: Sharing your daily routine may just be what someone needs to increase their productivity throughout the day. Maybe this means learning how to work a new app on your phone that helps you schedule out your day.
  • A book list: Something as simple as sharing great recommendations for your next read is the perfect thing to share with others!


The amount of things you could share with someone and educate them on is endless! 


In honor of National Education and Sharing Day, spread the word and be bold to teach someone something new.  Let’s begin sharing, and teaching  others around us all year long, and not just to celebrate National Education and Sharing Day! 


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