October is National Arts & Humanities Month


The United States of America is home to many cultures and heritages. This is one of the reasons we have the nickname, The Melting Pot. We are home to many different individuals that come together and stand united in more ways than one. This is a reason  for celebration!

Lucky for us, October is National Arts & Humanities month! All October long we have the opportunity to come together and celebrate our differences and talents. 


The Arts

The great thing about art is that it can be used as a tool of self-expression. Art can be considered: 

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpting
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Film
  • Theater
  • Architecture 

Any way that you can release creativity and emotions could be considered art. The term is very subjective and everyone can have their own interpretation. 

All across America individuals show their talents through art. It is a community that brings us closer together.


The Humanities 

Going hand in hand with The Arts, The Humanities study culture and society and their  meanings. The Humanities are  areas to study  that educate us and encourage us to explore deeper and broaden our horizons. 

There is a long list of what is considered a Humanity. They are: Ancient and Modern Languages, Literature, Philosophy, History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Human Geography, Law and Religion. 

The Humanities are critical in society, as they help us critically think to understand the bigger picture. 


Get Involved 

If you are one who takes an interest in The Arts and The Humanities, be sure to get involved. If you do not know much about The Arts and The Humanities, we encourage you to get involved. You will be sure to learn something new and maybe understand yourself a little better. 

If you visit Americans For The Hearts website, you will find more ways to get involved to celebrate National Arts & Humanities all of October! 

Here are a few things that they have listed as ways to get involved:

  • Address the Media: They have great resources that can help you address the press. Download their tips, press releases or editorial content to alter to be your own. Talking to the media can be a great way to bring light to any situation.
  • Join their Instagram Challenge: The Americans For The Hearts has supplied daily themes for individuals to post to their personal accounts to raise awareness for National Arts & Humanities month. 
  • Talk to Your Local Government: There are resources on the website that can help guide you to a discussion with your local government. Bring National Arts & Humanities month to a town near you! 

Be sure to explore the other ways to get involved on the website.


Make a Difference 

Whether you realize it or not, you are able to make a difference by advocating for National Arts & Humanities month. 

Bring awareness to the month of October, so that we may all celebrate the things that unite us, whether we realize it or not. Happy National Arts & Humanities month! 


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