TextbookHub is more than just a textbook distributor.

We bring publishers and schools together.

We get digital books to schools

We help schools realize the benefits and flexibility of a truly digital solution

We provide a cohesive
print solution

We work with schools to place a guaranteed book order for their school year

We digitize your workbooks

We help publishers transform their print workbooks into interactive digital assignments

We distribute thousands of titles from academic publishers and specialty platforms to schools.

We make accessing and using quality educational and trade content easy for schools, while creating a reliable revenue stream for publishers to this specialized market. 

At TextbookHub, we manage everything from procurement to digital distribution.

Students at School

TextbookHub is a cloud-based digital textbook provider for K-12 independent and faith-based schools with seamless integration and excellence in customer support.

  • Year-round support is available by chat, email, and phone
  • Tools, tutorials, and resources are posted on our support site
  • Dedicated Account Manager is available for other support questions
  • We pride ourselves on providing the hands-on customer care and service that our customers need!


iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows and MacOS


We are in Digital Rights Management (DRM) compliance and are able to adapt to your parameters.


Our platform supports PDF and ePub formats. Our Reader enhances fixed format content and also supports advance layout features, embedded exercises and quizzes.

Convert PDFs to interactive books!


We can support you with conversion to interactive reflowable ePub, including your supplementary materials, such as workbooks, multimedia, and chapter quizzes with automatic grading. Once converted, your book is automatically published to our platform and also returned to you for direct distribution.



  • ePUB
  • PDF

Integrated Digital Education

We solve problems for schools around ordering, managing, and distributing digital materials

  • Offering a unified platform for all school digital textbook licenses
  • Providing advanced reading apps and annotation features
  • Supporting teacher-curated overlays to the textbook
  • Improving student experience with materials in one place
  • Eliminating hassles with access codes
  • Filling gaps in curriculum
  • Supplying print materials as requested
  • Updating to new digital editions as needed


We work closely with PressReader, our parent company, to offer publishers multiple independent distribution channels and exciting new revenue streams, including opportunities to distribute to PressReader hotspots in hotels, cruise ships, and airliners around the world.

TBH Flow
Our textbook readers are fully interactive.

Our history and expertise

The TextbookHub solution for schools brings together a range of professional and technical experience in on-screen reading, web and mobile apps, and expertise in format conversion and annotation.

Our proprietary reading supports multiple file types, integrations, and DRM:

  • Reflowable EPUB: Providing the most immersive and accessible experience for students and teachers.
  • Fixed Layout EPUB: Supporting richly designed textbooks and other graphic content, without compromising on interactivity or annotations.
  • PDF: For legacy and highly designed PDF content, we offer free conversion to fixed layout EPUB and best-in-class quality auditing.
  • SSO integrations: We help students and teachers authenticate seamlessly into your platform.
  • DRM: We take content security extremely seriously and have passed independent security audits for several of the big five trade publishers. We would be happy to discuss your content security requirements in more detail.

Print Books

We're not your average online bookstore!

Our schools are committed to success and know that in order to be successful, purchasing must happen much earlier in the year. We work with our schools to enable them to guarantee the inventory based on preliminary enrollment from their Student Information Systems.

TextbookHub purchases earlier based on above information and using our white glove service we can bring in the content and books and organize the books by teacher so that everything can be set up to be shipped directly to the school for quick release by all of the classes

Here's how we can help you:

  • Schools don't have the space or the staffing to do all this by themselves; we can consolidate their book inventory needs to give you a single point of contact for each school

With over 10,000 sq ft in our Tempe, Arizona warehouse, we are able to house the needs of our print business model. We are in a prime location that is not impacted by weather and we’re able to deliver to our essential schools across the US


Interactive Workbooks


Extract additional revenue from your existing print workbooks with the TextbookHub interactive workbook platform.

The TextbookHub workbook platform transforms static PDFs into fully interactive digital workbooks, deeply integrated with popular learning management systems.

TextbookHub’s team of highly trained interactivity designers will transform your PDF into a digital workbook, ready for completion on students’ devices.

Some of the platform’s features include:

  • Fully web-based access to workbooks - no app download required
  • Assignment creation using specific workbook questions
  • Auto-grading of certain question types
  • Easy-to-use teacher grading tools
  • Deep integrations with leading LMS systems
  • CSV export of grades

Contact our publisher relations team to learn more

Preferred Partners

We partner with the world’s best publishers to put top-quality textbooks in classrooms. Our preferred partners work closely with us to integrate their content into our advanced learning platform, ensuring the highest quality student experience.

TextbookHub preferred partners

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Our Customers Value

SIS and LMS integration allows single sign-in functionality, making access much easier for students. And there's no need to manage passwords.

Focused engagement. With an integrated content platform,  teachers can manage class participation more easily.

All books are assigned based on the class schedule in the SIS. Access to books, and removing access, is automated.

We save schools time and effort by managing classroom set up. We make it easy for our schools so that your books are the focus for learning.