Record Your Lecture

Use your computer to capture your lecture.

You might consider what visual aids would support your lecture.

After recording,

  1. Select text where you want to place your lecture video and in the tool-tip menu, click “Create overlay”.
  2. Select the “Video” feature.
  3. Click the ⨁ icon to upload a video file.
  4. In the file window, navigate to the video lecture file you would like to upload.
  5. After uploading the file, type in the title.
  6. Click “Create”. The video is now accessible in your textbook.

What’s great about this solution is that you can record your lecture as one video or if it makes sense, as several shorter videos to add throughout the textbook.

FUN IDEA: Before you erase your whiteboard, or if you have something like a handwritten equation to share, take a photo or scan it as an image. You can upload that to the textbook in the same way as above – exactly where you think it makes the most sense.

FUN IDEA: Have some fun! Are you the kind of teacher to don a cape or a funny hat? A little levity might go a long way. If it makes sense for your classroom, find some fun to include in your next lecture. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Check out some additional resources on using videos:

  1. Best Apps and Websites for Flipped Classrooms from Common Sense Media
  2. Whiteboards and Chalkboards from the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning at Yale
  3. How to Create a Video of Yourself – There are a lot of products out there, but if you are moving to online teaching quickly, this how-to is straightforward for doing it yourself.

We love our schools and our teachers and we know you are supporting students each and every day. Thank you for all you do!

Please send us your comments, corrections and creative ideas for moving to an online setting at!

Examples in this guide use the TextbookHub platform for schools. Teachers using TextbookHub at their school can access these features with any textbook from any publisher on the TextbookHub platform.

Recording Lectures

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