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TBH BLog 2

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Students

  Education is one of those things that is constantly changing and evolving. In recent years, we have been taught that student’s don’t even have to be in a brick and mortar educational institution to learn. They can do it from anywhere! Here at TextbookHub, that’s what we are all...
Summer Reading

Reading Over the Summer

  Depending on the student, some love reading and some would rather do many other things. No matter the student, reading is something that needs to be implemented more, whether it’s for pleasure or credit.    Teachers don’t make their students read for no good reason, in fact they have...
TBH May Blog

Life Skills Every High Schooler Should Know

Curriculum isn’t the only thing that can be taught in classrooms. Teachers are provided to students to learn and be well-educated. However, being educated can go far behind what is required to be taught in the classroom.    Before students graduate high school, besides understanding things like formulas to find...
TBH May Blog

Celebrating Our Teachers

  May 2nd through May 6th was Teacher Appreciation Week. It's a time for teachers to be recognized for all that they do. Teachers all over the country go above and beyond all year long! Teaching isn’t always a job you can leave at your desk once the last bell...