Revising and Editing Your Writing


Depending on the writer, writing can be such a breeze. Words and sentences just begin forming and making sense in your head. But, as your words hit the paper, does the writing flow and have good grammar?


Revisions and grammar are two things that some writers despise because it can begin to be too technical. Unfortunately to produce quality work, both of these things must be done. Sometimes it takes multiple drafts before your piece is top-notch. 


Quick Tips for Revising: 

  • Have a friend, family member or co-worker look over your work for it’s initial revision. Sometimes a different set of eyes catches things you may not.
  • Always print your work to edit. Staring at a computer screen for too long can cause things to blend and for you to quickly skim, missing revisions. 
  • Read the copy out loud. By reading out loud, you will pick up on every word and determine if it sounds correct. 



For your copy to flow, there must be organization. Your copy should read chronologically and smoothly. The reader should not be jumping from Point A to Point C, then back to Point B. 


If while you are revising, text seems out of place, move it to where it makes the most sense. Regardless of what you’re writing, you want it to read like a story. 


Simple Mistakes:

Check for small mistakes that can change your writing completely. Whether you used the wrong form of, ”to”, “two” or “too”. It can change the context completely, or simply not make any sense.

Other simple mistakes that writers often make may be capitalization, comma placement or the structure of their sentences. 


Use Your Resources:

Writer is a great tool for writers that helps with grammar, punctuation and spelling issues! If writing is not your strong suit, a resource like this is great to ensure that you are producing quality work without getting a headache from editing the copy repeatedly. 

Taking your work to a coworker, an English teacher, writing center or someone who loves writing can be so helpful! They may catch mistakes that you didn’t! 



Next time you go to write, be sure to have a clear, consistent flow and be on the lookout for grammatical and punctuation issues. Happy writing! 



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