Setting Goals to Get Back into the New Semester


When the calendar year changes you can expect the start of a new semester shortly. The fall semester consists of getting back in the swing of things after a long deserved summer break, but then by Thanksgiving and Christmas we are begging for time off because we’ve reached our limit. 


Now that we’ve had holiday breaks filled with relaxing mornings, good company and even better food, it’s time to take on the spring semester. A great way to feel prepared for a successful semester is to set goals for yourself and your classroom. 


Take some time to brainstorm your goals for the upcoming semester. Maybe you didn’t reach a goal last semester that is going to roll over into the spring semester, that can be a goal! Think of new things as well to really push yourselves and your students so that you end the year on a high note!


Here are some ideas that may inspire your personal goals for you and your classroom:

  1. Get organized.
  2. Come up with new hands-on activities. 
  3. Make your classroom feel more inclusive. 
  4. Give more one-on-one attention to your students.
  5. Form better relationships with your students. 
  6. Have your students set their own personal goals and evaluate them at the end of the semester. 
  7. Create a reading system that incentives students to want to read more.
  8. Learn something new to apply in your classroom. 


These are just a few examples of different goals that can turn your classroom for the better. Think outside the box and keep in mind that these goals are for YOU and YOUR classroom. 


Devise a plan that has your goals listed out with different dates throughout the semester. When you reach each date checkpoint, give an update as to where you are with your progress.


This will help keep you accountable to reach your goals. At the end of the semester, do a final evaluation of how your goals went. Did you reach them or fall short? How can you improve for next semester? 


Setting goals can be an easy way to get your mind in the right headspace as you take on another semester. Push yourself to do your absolute best to reach your goals. You’ll be surprised at how proud you are once you do reach them! 



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