Successful Use of Summer


Summertime is geared towards fun in the sun, rest, and relaxation. TextbookHub believes that students can keep their minds engaged all summer long. Summer reading and exploration is a great way to keep students fresh and eager for more. What can you do to help your student have an enriching and fun summer? Let’s explore!



From traditional summer programming to science exploration, summer camps have morphed into opportunities for our kids to explore more than just the summer heat. School-based, science, sailing, animals, and more… our kids have opportunities in-person and online. 

Many camps have a wide variety for kids to explore- a few of our favorites include:


Well-rounded camps

Gulliver Prep has camps for different ages and a range of fun activities from littles through 12th grade.

Belen Jesuit is already full and offers classic summer camp activities.


Specialty camps

Duchesne has a huge selection of activities from Ballet to Ninja Skills!

Frost Museum – With both online and in-person options, our kids can bridge the traditional learning experience with a tailored level of comfort for each family. 


Family Fun Activities

Summer is a great time to get together as a family and create new experiences. The easier the activity, the more fun your kids will have. The options are endless as long as you are open to having fun. 

  1. Find a new trail and go on a bike ride.
  2. Take a hike and use a nature app to identify new plants, bugs, and animals.
  3. Head to the beach and play in the sand and water.
  4. Create a scavenger hunt. (For younger kids it could be around the house, for older kids perhaps around the neighborhood)
  5. Pack a picnic lunch and explore a new park for the afternoon.
  6. Break out the board games and have a good, old-fashioned “Game Night”.
  7. Take a drive to somewhere new.

Keeping Students Engaged 

Summer reading is on the agenda every year, but how else can their summer minds stay fresh? Have your student get creative!

  1. Keep a journal. This could be about what they do each day/week during break. It’s a great way to keep their writing skills fresh and active. Depending on their age and writing skills, you can challenge them to get more detailed. Have them not only write but create a drawing with it. 
  2. Create art. Art stimulates the mind in a whole different way. Students can use various mediums to express feelings and emotions, something they saw during their day, or anything else they want to create. Encourage your student to try… all art is beautiful. 
  3. Get moving. No matter what you do daily, make sure your student does something active for at least 60 minutes a day. Take a walk with them, go swimming, biking, skating, anything. When you move your body, your endorphins get going and make you feel good. 


Summer is a time for everyone to enjoy. Use every bit of time you have to the fullest! From TextbookHub and all those associated, wishing you and your family an enriched, safe, and wonderful summer!

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