Teacher Tips: Rest, Relax, Restore

After a long year of ups and downs, summer comes at a very welcoming time. Our teachers have expanded their everyday knowledge of teaching to include online learning, zoom meetings, extra emailing, internet collaborating, etc.  Now it’s time for our teachers to rest, relax, and restore. We have put together some ideas to help restore teachers’ emotional, physical, intellectual, and social selves. 


  • Journaling – Journaling is a wonderful way to get all your thoughts and feelings out of your head and focus on yourself. You can start with a topic or just freely write about what is on your mind. It’s free and self-led. What could be better?
  • Meditation – Whether it’s mindful, spiritual, or any of the other types of meditation, the goal is to stop your mind from rushing and bring some peace. Meditation will help reduce stress & anxiety while promoting emotional health.
  • Quality time alone – Spending time alone can be intimidating, but it can also be an opportunity to foster creativity, have time for reflection, and stimulate the imagination. 



  • Yoga and/or stretch – Take time to improve balance, flexibility, ease pain, improve mood, relieve stress, improve sleep & digestion. There are classes available online, in local studios, and even offered in local parks. Do some research to find where you will be the most comfortable and get moving!
  • Take a walk – There are so many benefits to the most accessible form of exercise, including increasing heart health, lowering the risk of disease, and helping to maintain a healthy weight. Walking is also easy on your joints and makes you happy. What could be better?
  • Gardening and/or connecting with nature – Exposure to vitamin D is just one awesome benefit. It’s also mood-boosting. It builds strength in many areas of your body while creating something beautiful for you and the planet. 
  • Take a warm bath – Slow down from grabbing a fast shower and relax with a warm bath. Warm water allows your blood to flow easier, which creates more oxygen and allows you to breathe deeper and slower. 



  • Reading – Over the summer, you might want to dive into a real beach read. Or, you might use the time to read professional books. Whatever your preference, reading is a perfect addition to summer for teachers. You might join a book club and make reading a fun summer activity. Not only will you be enjoying a new story, but you can also connect with others with a similar interest.
  • Learning something new – (PD or non-school related) find that thing that you have always wanted to learn about- whether professionally or personally – and find a class (virtual or live) to enhance yourself. 



  • Social media detox – Take a break from social media… the benefits will be obvious. Sometimes the social media world can suck you in and make you feel FOMO. A break is good for the soul!
  • Reconnect with friends and family – You don’t realize the amount of time you have missed out on with family and friends after this long year until you reconnect. Take the time you have and spend time with special people in your life. 


Summer is here, and teachers are ready to enjoy all the benefits… beyond just fun in the sun! You might be catching up on projects, completing required training, or prepping for next year, but we hope you are able to take the time to rest, relax, and restore… YOU DESERVE IT!

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