Thanksgiving Books For Kids of All Ages



At Textbook Hub, we stand by reading! We know it helps the development of children in their young years and helps with brain maintenance as you get older! Reading is so important and can be made fun! Especially when there are holidays involved! 


With Thanksgiving quickly approaching we have compiled a list of books children can read with their parents, or if they’re a little bit older that they can read on their own! 


Thanksgiving Books for Ages 10 and Under:

  1. Five Little Thank Yous
  2. How Many Days to America? A Thanksgiving Story
  3. Turkey Trouble
  4. The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin
  5. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey!


Thanksgiving Books for Older Kids:

  1. Stuffed: Thanksgiving Will Never Be The Same
  2. A Month of Thanksgiving
  3. Thanksgiving Night 
  4. What Was the First Thanksgiving? 
  5. Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience 


We understand that children read at all different ages, so may be advanced for one child, may be the perfect match for another. 


We hope that these books bring some Thanksgiving Spirit to those who need it! The story of Thanksgiving keeps us giving, helping and sharing with our neighbors, family and friends during this time.


If you decide to buy a physical copy of a book, you can donate it, pass it along or save it for next year. Make sure it doesn’t go to waste! There are others out there that would benefit from reading a book about Thanksgiving. 


Happy reading and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


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