The Faces Behind TextbookHub


Management Team

Our management team is made up of four individuals who go above and beyond to make all operations run smoothly. 

Javier Jurado is the C.O.O and Head of Sales. Jurado is responsible for the Customer Service experience and sales organization. Jurado treats all customers as though they are as family. 

Natalia Walchi is the Customer Success Manager. She interacts with each TextbookHub client, and walks them through a detailed onboarding process to ensure all of their needs are being met. Walchi’s goal is for each client to feel heard and represented through their curriculum. Being a career educator, she has a deep understanding of how curriculum and resources make the classroom experience.

Simon Collinson is the Publisher Business Development Manager. Collinson is a digital expert when it comes to ebook development, typesetting, analytics and metadata. He works with 

Joe Rostowsky is the Operations Manager. He is the team expert when it comes to anything technical. Problem with your ebook? No problem, Joe can help!


Account Managers

We have four account managers that make up our TextbookHub team. They do a fantastic job at managing all of our client needs and requests. Each Account Manager dabbles in different areas to keep the team well-balanced and educated.

Paola Herrera serves as the Curriculum Integration Specialist helps review the curriculum that is presented to schools.

Sydney Smith is a member of the BJU Press partnership which helps our team effectively communicate the curriculum we offer. 

Dr. Gemma Morales also works with BJU Press Partnership and oversees all aspects of the TextbookHub and BJU Press Partnership relationship. 

Barbara Macho also works as an Account Manager in our Miami Offices.



We are so proud of our team and all that we have accomplished. We have helped change how education materials affect schools, teachers, publishers, and students. Please know that we are always here to support you. We are proud to be your digital textbook provider, and hope you continue to choose us. 


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