5 Factors to Consider When Creating Your Booklist


When working with TextBookHub as your instructional resource provider, there are a few things to discuss to ensure you receive the correct learning materials. 

Once we’ve had a call to discuss your digital learning needs, we’ll need a prepared list of all of your book requests. It’s important to consider a few things when creating your list. 

  1. Correct ISBN: The ISBN is the most important detail that we’ll need to ensure that we get the exact materials you request. The ISBN is a unique 13 digit number associated with a specific title, edition and format.
    Once textbooks are published, the same textbook may actually come in different text formats, multiple editions and different lengths. By having the exact ISBN, you can guarantee you’ll get the exact resource you need.
    In the case of a digital edition, the ISBN also reflects the length of time for the seat or license. Once the correct ISBN is chosen and confirmed, indicate whether a teacher edition is needed.
    The ISBN for the teacher edition is just as important as it also carries all the aforementioned information. Additionally be prepared to share when access to the teacher edition is needed.
  2. Format: Here at TextbookHub we provide our clients with digital and print learning resources. Content on the TextbookHub reader has features such as: search, draw  highlight, overlays and the option to add comments. These features within the digital textbook format make learning more interactive than a print textbook. Ask your account manager if the title you use is available on the TextbookHub reader.
  3. Title: Be sure to send us the exact title of the book you need. Titles may get confusing, especially when there are multiple editions associated with one title. Some schools and teachers prefer an older version because it tends to be slightly cheaper and still contains a lot of educational content.
    However, some schools and teachers prefer to have the newest edition of a textbook with the most updated material.
    The choice of an older or newer edition is totally up to you, just be clear when adding it to your booklist and give the full title name and edition.
  4. Estimated Classroom Enrollment: When TextbookHub is preparing to order materials from your booklist, we need to know an estimated count on classroom enrollment. With this information, we know how many copies of digital access to order and have in stock.
  5. Teacher Edition: Determine if you need a teacher’s edition. If you need a teacher’s edition, you have the option of a print or digital format. For some digital content a student edition can’t be activated without a teacher edition. Finally, make sure to indicate when you will need access.

Once you’ve completed creating your booklist, TextbookHub can begin the work of making suggestions, looking for cost effective options, reviewing a final booklist and finally ordering on your behalf. Count on TextbookHub to manage your instructional resource needs.  

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