Welcome Back to Teaching!

It’s back to school time! Whether you are teaching remotely or welcoming students back to the classroom, this year will not be ordinary.
Many schools are finding new ways to support teachers and students as they prepare for, perhaps, the strangest year in the history of education!

One of the most important approaches the schools have taken on is flexibility. In a series of videos, we spoke with Anne Kellerman, Blackbaud Tech Solutions Engineer, about flexibility on campus, remote and hybrid approachesbudgeting, uncertainty, and eBooks. We learned that as schools evaluate newly-acquired approaches and teachers are preparing to be more creative than ever before, the end goal is for students to have their learning materials wherever they go.
“We’re working with many, many schools that are preparing for a hybrid of approaches. They want to be able to welcome their students back to campus. They also want to have the ability to continue on with online classes. And I’m hearing that many schools want to give the option for students to remain in an online environment while some students could elect to come back to campus,” Anne shared.
Enter eBooks. Anyone who has had to take care of inventorying textbooks knows how time-consuming, tedious and costly the process is. With digital textbooks, schools can eliminate the management of print books, and also gain the advantages of distributing textbooks to students easily and remotely.
For schools and teachers that are already prepared for digital and a flexible approach for this fall, the focus has been shifted toward creativity.
We’re hearing stories of how teachers are using a blend of technology, materials and creativity. To our schools and teachers, we know you are supporting students each and every day. Thank you for all you do and welcome back to teaching!

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