Welcome to the TextbookHub Blog!

Welcome to the TextbookHub Blog! In the pursuit of connection to our ever-growing audience, we are delighted to launch this blog. This is an opportunity to exercise our passion for education by sharing industry news, unique perspectives, and the driving questions in education technology.We are excited to connect with our audience, collaborate with the industry leaders and produce the best content possible. Our first article is an interview with the author of “The Awfulizer,” Kristine Maher. In her book, Kristin outlines helpful strategies for kids, parents and teachers to deal with shame, wrapping it up in a kid-friendly story about a boy named James, who gets visited by a green shame monster named The Awfulizer. Please stay tuned for more great posts, stories, reflections and industry news from the team at TextbookHub.

-Javier Jurado

This post was published by Erika Assabayeva on behalf of Javier Jurado, Founder of TextbookHub.

Welcome to TextbookHub

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