Women’s History Month


Bringing Women’s History month into the classroom is so important to show the representation of women throughout history. Celebrating Women’s History month is important for both women and men to take part in. 


Just as many brave men have paved the way for where we are today, so have women! It’s important that the history and excellence of women is celebrated in classrooms. This will teach the younger generations that women and men are both equally important. 


Women’s History month can be an eye opening celebration to encourage young women to still fight for what they believe in, even when the odds are against them. Women’s History month is to display all the wonderful contributions that women have made to society since the beginning of time.


As a teacher, you play a huge role in ensuring this information is taught correctly and that students fully understand the importance of events in history that involve women. Here are  


5 Ways Teachers Can Incorporate Women’s History Month Into Their Classroom


Create an Informational Bulletin Board

Having a bulletin in your classroom is a great place to display information about a certain topic. For Women’s History Month, you can pick a certain event in history and create a timeline. This is a great way to show the progression of women. 


Put on a Play 

Gather your co-workers and develop a play that highlights an event in history of women making a difference.  Plays can capture a child’s attention very easily, especially when there are other faculty and  props involved. 


Start Each Day with an Inspirational Quote

A little inspiration and motivation to start the day can be just what your students need to have a productive day and make differences in their own lives. Starting each day with a quote from a famous woman is a simple way to help celebrate Women’s History month. 


Make Biography Posters

As an in-class activity, have your students make a biography poster of a woman in history of their choice. Have them include fast facts, such as their birthday, why they were important etc, and then a short written biography of their life with an image of them. When all is said and done, these biography posters can be presented to the class. 


Read a Book 

As a class, read a book by a famous women’s author. It can be inspiring to read the word’s of a woman in history who made great contributions to society. Have a comprehensive packet to coincide with the book, so that students fully understand the concept of the book. 


There are so many ways to celebrate Women’s History month in the classroom. Teaching younger generations the importance of what women in history have done, and still continue to do, is inspiring and educational. For more information regarding Women’s History Month, click here.



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