Worktexts from BJU Press

TextbookHub is excited to announce our new collaboration with BJU Press. Not only will we supply BJU Press digital textbooks, we will also offer the corresponding Activity and Lab Manuals AND Worktexts available digitally for school year 2021/22.


TextbookHub’s new platform for interactive workbooks transform BJU Press Worktexts, offering features that support digital completion and submission.

Image of several young students in a classroom raising their hands with iPads in front of them on their desks.
  • Matching
  • List sorting
  • Fill in the blank
  • Drag and Drop
  • Drop Down Selection
  • Short answer
  • Highlight
  • Show your work
  • Draw
  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Essay

BJU Press Worktexts

BJU worktexts provide a consumable learning resource providing primary instruction on course content. And, BJU Press Activity and Lab Manuals align to student edition textbooks and help teachers achieve standard and objective alignment. Now, they are available online, for digital completion and auto-grading (where possible).


Digital Features

  • Web access through Chrome on your desktop, laptop or iPad
  • Allows teachers to assign specific questions
  • Offers a combination of automatic and manual grading
  • Shows question completion and progress analytics
  • Connects to the Canvas, Renweb/Facts, Google Classroom LMS


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BJU Press was established in 1974 and offers a complete product line of textbooks and distance-learning materials for K4–Grade 12. BJU Press is a leading national Christian publisher with two imprints producing children’s books, novels, Bible studies and more, as well as other Christian resources.

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“We are excited to offer our customers a fully interactive digital solutions for our Worktexts in time for school year 2021/22. It’s been a pleasure to partner with TextbookHub.”

–BJU Press Endorsement