TextbookHub is proud to partner with Loyola Press

Loyola Press is excited to announce their new partnership with TextbookHub. Exercises in English and Vocabulary in Action workbooks are now available in an interactive digital format on the worktext platform, powered by TextbookHub.

What you need to know

TextbookHub is excited to announce our new partnership with Loyola Press. Exercises in English and Vocabulary in Action workbooks are now available in an interactive digital format on the worktext platform, powered by TextbookHub.

TextbookHub designed a first of its kind platform that allows workbook assignments to be created, completed, submitted, and graded completely online. Teachers can customize their workbook assignments by choosing specific questions from various pages throughout the workbooks. Questions can be autograded, enhancing the efficiency of teachers’ grading experience. Furthermore, grades can be automatically sent to the grade book with LMS Integration. Students won’t need to carry heavy books around anymore and they will be able to access their assignments from anywhere, on any device!

The TextbookHub platform supports up to 86 question types, exposing students to different ways of thinking and allowing teachers to assess their students’ understanding of the material. Loyola Press workbook questions will take the shape of:

  • True/False
  • Matching
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Drag and drop
  • List sorting
  • Drop Down Selection
  • And many more!

Loyola Press eWorkbooks released on the recently upgraded Worktexts 2.0 platform.

Digital Features

Loyola Press eWorkbooks are released on the recently upgraded Worktexts2.0 platform. Feature upgrades include:

  • Web access through Chrome on your desktop, laptop, or iPad
  • Customization of assignments by selecting specific questions
  • Autograding of objective questions
  • Easy-to-use teacher grading tools for subjective questions
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems using LTI1.1 or LTI1.3
  • Continuous grading (Ability to flip-through and grade all students' assignments back-to-back)
  • Notification system (new assignments, grades, comments, etc.)
  • Student and teacher communication system (students will be able to ask teachers questions within the assignments and teachers will be able to answer questions and provide feedback)
  • Programmable start date (when students will see them in their dashboard) allowing teachers to prepare in advance.
  • Ability to send assignments to be re-attempted by individual students
  • Bonus points feature
  • Ability to shuffle question order for each student (for in-class use)

"Loyola Press is excited to take our digital offerings for Exercises in English Grammar and Vocabulary in Action to the next level with Textbook Hub. Our current and future language arts customers are the real winners thanks to the ease of use and seamless automation Textbook Hub provides.”

- John Christensen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Loyola Press.

Loyola Press Overview

Loyola Press is a leader in curriculum publishing, offering a variety of highly engaging English Language Arts resources. Exercises in English is the most comprehensive grammar supplement available, while Vocabulary in Action is designed to boost standardized test performance through direct vocabulary instruction. Loyola Press was founded in 1912 and is committed to serving students and educators through our commitment to quality resources and programs.

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