Writing a Book Review


Reading is a big part of our values here at TextbookHub whether reading for pleasure, or reading for advancing knowledge. Reading is amazing for many things including: advancing vocabulary, understanding reading comprehension, increasing focus and much more! Truly understanding a book makes all of the difference in your review of it.


After completing a read, students may be asked to complete a book report, a paragraph of final thoughts or a book review. This blog is going to go over the importance of writing a top-notch book review.


What is a book review? 

A book review is a compilation of thoughts once one has finished reading a book. A book review is an analysis that incorporates a summary and details of the book into one. When someone reads a book review, that individual should have a full understanding of what that book entails.


How to Write a Book Review

The first thing that is beneficial before writing  a book review is to start it as soon as possible, when details are still fresh. Begin with a short summary of the book. Add in detail that helps explain the book, without giving too much away. Book reviews should encourage others to read a book, not give the book away completely.


Describing items such as protagonists, antagonists, plot and maybe even the turning point are great things to briefly explain! As you are describing these main factors of a book, be sure to maintain respect, even if it wasn’t a favorite read. 


Comparing the book to a similar book can be helpful because maybe someone has never heard of the book that is being reviewed, but they have heard of a similar book. If this is the case, it may intrigue the reader to read the book that is being reviewed. 


Writing a review is no easy task. It takes time, energy and patience to ensure it’s just right! Proofreading is a great way to ensure that all thoughts and comments are cohesive, to make sure it makes sense to an outside reader. Be sure the review comes full circle by explaining it, giving an honest review and making recommendations. 


Do book reviews come in handy? 

The short answer, yes! Book reviews give a personal, well -written opinion on books. These reviews help encourage other readers to go out on a limb and read something new! The book review is a great way to give an overall explanation, which can help readers determine if the books are meant for them. 


We encourage students and teachers to step outside of their comfort zone, and write a book review on the next book they read whether for pleasure, or educational purposes! 

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